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Screenings are at 7.30pm on the fourth Thursday of the month. Food is served from 6.30pm. Films at the Mill Seiont are on the second Wednesday of each month.

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Thurs 25 Jan 18

Burn Burn Burn

Chanya Button  UK  2015  100  Cert:15   Black Comedy    

Apparently the Daily Mail said this was an engaging black comedy, funny and moving. We don't usually use the Daily Mail as a source of information but in this case we think they couldn't have phrased it better. With a young British female director (we think she'll go far) the two young women who are tasked with distributing the ashes of their mutual friend around Britain turn in excellent performances. It's very enjoyable indeed. There are two (short) sex scenes. 

4 awards plus a nomination at Raindance


Thurs 22 Feb 18

The Barbarian Invasions

Denys Arcand    Canada - Quebec  2003  99   18   Comedy, crime, drama      French language

A very funny, sad, tragic and thought-provoking film which touches on everything from drug-use, Canadian medicare, the child-father relationship and past intimate relationships. A fantastic screenplay for a wonderful cast of characters. Highly recommended.

Oscar winner - best foreign language film; 48 other awards.  

Occasional Cinema and Science Cafe jointly present
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Blue Sky Cafe - Thurs 8 March at 7.30pm

Ex Machina

Director & writer: Alex Garland  UK  2014  108 mins  Cert 15.

A beautifully shot, fantastically lit, intelligently written, brilliantly cast film with original and brave editing leaving the film with a sharp Zen like quality, clearly the application of a disciplined mind.

Engaging and thoroughly watchable; the characters are simple and yet layered with complexity. The film strikes the perfect balance of not spoon feeding and not dumbing down and not being too arty or intellectual just for the sake of it.

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We will try to have time for a post screening discussion of the film and the issues it raises.

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Admission 4. Soup, cheese and bread available beforehand for 5.
Drinks as usual. No membership requirement.

Sight and Sound review and full film description (for those who want to know everything in advance):



Thurs 22 Mar 18

A Canterbury Tale

Powell and Pressburger  UK  1944  124  U  Drama, comedy, war     Black and White

During WW2 a 'Land Girl', an American GI, and a British soldier find themselves together in a small Kent town on the road to Canterbury in this multilayered, erudite and passionate exploration of England's national character which examines English country life, the Englishman's love for nature, the idiosyncrasies, the distrust of foreigners, the 'pubbing', the resilience, the faith in institutions (the church, the gentry) and so on. 

A gentle gem that defies description It's easy enough to say what it *isn't*: it's not a detective story and it's certainly not a thriller, despite the fact that it nominally revolves around an unsolved crime. It's not a war-story, although it is set immediately before D-Day and the main characters are intimately involved in the war effort. It's not quite a romance. And it's not the Chaucerian epic one might be led to expect by the title and the opening scene - although by the end, the pilgrimage allusions turn out to be rather more strangely apt then they at first appear.


Probably no film in April.

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Occasional Cinema is a film society run by volunteers. Films are shown at the Mill Bistro, Seiont, Caernarfon on the second Wednesday of the month and at the Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor on the fourth Thursday and unless stated otherwise start sometime after 7.30pm. We do not generally show films during the summer.

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