The GentlemenMill Bistro Wednesday 8 March 23 at 7.30pm

The Gentlemen
Mill Bistro Wednesday 8 March 23 at 7.30pm

Director: Guy Ritchie   97 mins   cert R   Action/Comedy/Crime    UKr: Alex Holmes   97 mins   cert PG
A talented American graduate of Oxford, using his unique skills, and audacity, creates a marijuana empire using the estates of impoverished British aristocrats. However, when he tries to sell his empire to a fellow American billionaire, a chain of events unfolds, involving blackmail, deception, mayhem and murder between street thugs, Russian oligarchs, Triad gangsters and gutter journalists.
A strong ensemble cast with Hugh Grant like you’ve never seen him before. Plus Ritchie proves why he’s the guv’nor of the British Gangster flick   Review  Next Best PictureGuy Ritchie does wonders with this riveting, clever tale of a flamboyant drug criminal underground. It’s stylish and exceedingly funny with a colourful cast of characters portrayed by a foray of skilled high profile actors. I regret not being able to catch this film in theatres, just an entertaining ride thru and thru    Audience reviewer
Starring Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Eddie Marsan, Samuel West, Michelle Dockery