The Quiet GirlCafi Bwyd Da Bangor 17 Nov 22

The Quiet Girl
Cafi Bwyd Da Bangor 17 Nov 22

Director: Colm Bairéad  Drama  94 mins  12A   Ireland

IMDB reviews:

A beautiful film that has a quiet gentleness about it. It allows the viewer time to absorb all the little nostalgic details. There are sequences when nothing much happening like the girl is sitting in the back seat of her dad’s car looking at the sky & it took my right back to what that feels like- to be a child and to just stare at the clouds & daydream. Such wonderful performances by all especially the young lead actress. Excellent cinematography, direction & set design. Bravo to all concerned. Maith sibh! Go see it on the big screen – it is good for the soul!

Well written, beautifully directed and sensitively performed, this ends up being a deeply moving film. Director Colm Bairéad keeps his nerve as far as pacing is concerned, and as a result I expect there’ll be some who find this too slow-moving for their taste. But stay with it. It’s worth it.